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另外,我可以在电脑上使用很多软件来进行更有效的学习,比如,最近,我在准备托福考试,我可以在电脑上使用字典来查不熟悉的单词,它比使用传统的字典更有效。 冲'...







1. Computer technology has influenced student’s study in various ways. Give examples to illustrate the advantage that a computer helps in your study.


Well, I cannot agree more that computer has made our study much easier and more efficiently. Actually, when I do research, I can just type in the key words of the topic that I am researching, and then the next moment I know, there are millions of sources showing up on the screen, and I can use whichever I need to. It is so instant and convenient, and most of the sources are free. Additionally, I can use lots of software on the computer to help to study more efficiently, like, recently, I am preparing the TOEFL exam, I can just use a dictionary on the computer to check the unfamiliar words, it's far more effective than using a traditional dictionary.


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2. Describe an event or celebration you attend recently. Why people have a good time together?


Well, last week, a bunch of my colleagues and I went fishing in a state park. We drove to the park around 6 o'clock in the afternoon, and then set up the fishing pole and began to fish. It was very quiet and the air was very fresh, the water was super crystal. It was very enjoyable. We were very lucky that today and scored lots of fish, then we set up the grill and baked the fish on the grill. It was very delicious. Everybody there had a wonderful time.


3. Which of the following brings you more pleasure? Spend time with friends, study by yourself or doing sports? Explain why in details.


Personally, I would say I like to play sports, cuz there are actually lots of benefits. To begin with, one can socialize with their peers and make new friends. I also learned the importance of cooperation and responsibility when I am playing team sports, me and my teammate struggle together for a common goal, offer each other motivation along the way, and I feel that I care something bigger than myself during the game, and I think this is very meaningful. Additionally, I have to deal with disappointment when losing the game, and on other occasions I feel really confident and proud of myself when our team is winning the game.


4. Describe an important day in your life. 描述你生命中重要的一天。

The most important day in my life was my college graduation day. I graduated from a prestigious university in the Unites States, but it was challenging for me. Four years before I graduated from college, the first time I set foot on the land of America, I felt so isolated and had tremendous language barriers. However, during my four years in college, I not only improved my English language proficiency, but also kept a high GPA and was on the dean's list every year. But, I know that this day does not come easily, it symbolizes the time and effort I put to get my diploma.


5. What do you think is the most important advancement over the past 20 years in your country? Use reasons and specific examples to explain why you think that is important.


I would say the most important advancement of my country in the higher education. For the past 20 years, the central government invested lots of money for university to renovate their facilities, like recreation center, library, and even dining halls. If you get a chance to go the recreation centers in a university, you are very likely to see lots of advanced equipment and facilities, some of which might have sauna and spa service, and apart from that the frequent exchanges of scholars with other famous professors and researchers around the world have helped improve Chinese scholars overall capability, and they can publish lots of papers in world class journals and have an impact in their field.


6. What the some important effects of worldwide availability of internet on modern people's life? Use specific details and examples to support your response.


Well, Internet does have a big impact on people's lives, to begin with, it is a very convenient and fun way to buy stuff on-line, with just a click of the button, the next moment you know, your order is delivered right at your door. It is also easy to compare the prices offered by different on-line stores. The only thing you need to remember is that always to shop in a reputable on-line store. Plus, by signing up on a social network like facebook, MSN, and wechat, which is so popular in China, you can get to know more people. By sending text messages to your friends and family members whenever you want to. I think Internet has brought people closer than ever, it makes communication so instant.